Laser Cutting and Folding Solutions

Are you looking for a solution for laser cutting and folding to high levels of accuracy?

By utilising ES3’s state of the art CNC press brake machinery, you will be able to have laser-accurate folding on a range of steel types and thicknesses.

Image showing ES3's LVD Easyform press brake folding some sample sheet metal parts.
ES3’s new LVD Easyform Press Brake offers in-process angle correction and monitoring.

Precision CNC Folding Solutions From ES3

We deliver highly accurate CNC folded components with a large range of tooling to match your manufacturing requirements. We can press or fold a variety of different steel types and thicknesses in our factory as part of the complete engineering solutions we provide – delivering your products and components as a finished product.

PowerMax. 170 ton
Part LengthMax. 3000mm
Angle Precision± 0.5°
Leg Length Tolerance± 0.5mm